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Alan Reid, Reposit
Canberra Auditorium 11 National Circuit Barton Canberra - Webinar Available
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Canberra Innovators and Technology: The Reposit Power Story Register


Canberra Innovators and Technology: The Reposit Power Story

Centralised generation and distribution of electricity was born of the industrial revolution and has been the prevailing energy model since its inception.  Very large generators produce large amounts of electricity which is then transported, in some cases over very large distances, to where it is finally distributed to end-consumers.

The tenacity of this model can be attributed, in part, to the maturity of large-scale generation technology and a lack of viable alternative.  However, another revolution is afoot.  Driven by consumers, this revolution threatens to disrupt the centralised generation model.  

Distributed residential energy generation and storage assets are being adopted by consumers and communities en masse.  Installations of solar photovoltaic systems and lithium-ion energy storage is fundamentally changing the relationship between the consumer and the electricity grid.  

This presentation examines the shifts in consumer behaviour and advances in generation and storage technology that are behind this wave of disruption.  It investigates the implications upon the electricity network using the award winning Reposit Canberra Virtual Power Plant as a case study, and seeks to address the question: ‘how can we maintain electricity grid resiliency when confronted with the rise of the prosumer and electricity decentralisation’.


Join us for a light lunch, available from 12.00pm.


Company Bio:

Reposit was founded in 2013 on the back of a very simple idea; Households autonomously working together to build virtual power plants that are a clean, flexible and cost-effective alternative to traditional electricity generation.  The Reposit smart controller was first developed in 2014 and enables energy companies and homeowners to collaboratively solve electricity market issues for mutual benefit, least cost and ultimately the greater good of our planet.

The idea came before the batteries did.  Reposit was the only smart controller in Australia when batteries first entered the market in 2015, and in fact were a global launch partner of Tesla’s Powerwall 1. 

Since first using a VPP to trade on the electricity market in mid 2015, Reposit has gone from strength to strength, deploying thousands of home energy management systems to consumers across Australia.  

In 2018, the Reposit team was awarded Engineers Australia’s prodigious Sir William Hudson Award for Engineering Excellence for its Canberra VPP, the highest recognition for any engineering project in Australia. 

Reposit now operates 12 VPPs throughout Australia including the largest operational VPPs across many states, and the largest nationally with the Canberra VPP consisting of nearly 1,000 homes. Reposit has evolved as indeed the market has, and today it is the most intelligent VPP ready smart controller on the market. 

Undoubtedly proud to be a driving force of change in the energy market nationally, Reposit is equally proud of it’s incredibly smart, strong and loyal team.  The Canberra based team of 40, whilst growing quickly, is grounded by that simple yet immensely powerful idea that started it all; the consumer owned Virtual Power Plant.


About the Speaker: Alan Reid

Alan is the Head of Business Relations at Reposit Power. Working closely with Reposit's key business partners, his role is to maximise ongoing value for Reposit's customers from the delivery of aggregated VPP services to market.  Alan has over a decade of experience in the energy sector in both technical and governance capacities having held senior roles within both energy distribution and retailing businesses.  Alan holds an Honours degree in Engineering and a Masters degree in Business Administration as well as qualifications in governance and risk.