BP Kwinana Oil Refinery, 1955-


The BP refinery is located on a 250 hectare site approximately 40 kms south of Perth.

Established in the early 1950’s the refinery has been progressively expanded and upgraded to a current throughput of 5.8 million tons of crude oil per year, approximately 138,000 barrels [20.67 million litres per day, depending on operating requirements and crude oil type.

There are 145 storage tanks at BP Kwinana with an overall maximum storage capacity of 1090 million litres.

Aviation fuel, bitumen, diesel/fuel oil, hydrogen, kerosene, LPG [including propane and butane], leaded and unleaded petrol are produced.

Most products are used within Australia and New Zealand. BP Kwinana provides cooling water for the nearby Kwinana Nitrogen Company and the CSBP fertilizer plant, sulphur for Coogee Chemicals, hydrogen for BOC Gases Australia and LPG for Wesfarmers and Boral.


Marker Type

  • HEM: Historic Engineering Marker (to 2008)