2015 Top 100 Most Influential Engineers announced

Monday, 29 June 2015

A record 19 women appear in this year’s list, while NSW retains its premier position.

In the 12th edition of Engineers Australia magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential Engineers in Australia, we celebrate the highest ever number of women appearing on the list: a total of 19 – up from 11% last year and just 5% the year before.

At 40%, NSW retains the premier position, but has seen its lead eroded by 3% from last year, though it is still up on its 38% share in 2012. Similarly, the University of NSW remains the biggest source of Top 100 engineers at 16%, but is down by 2%, as the University of Queensland’s share rose from 6% to 10%, wresting second spot from the University of Sydney last year.

All the main disciplines saw their lead eroded in the face of a rise in specialty disciplines, led by ITEE, which made the chart for the first time, breaking our 5% cut off rule.

In addition, we have also had a record turnover of candidates, with 37% new faces compared to last year’s list, although some have appeared in previous years. This is partly because of an unusually high movement of people to new roles, but it’s also due to a greater investment on our part in researching leaders in each category, particularly the research and expertise areas.

The main innovation in this year’s list is the introduction of a new category called Panel’s Pick. We included this new category because we wanted to recognise a number of people who are influential simply because they are inspirational. People admire what they do and seek to emulate them.

The Top 100 list is published by Engineers Media, a wholly owned subsidiary of Engineers Australia. The full list will be published in the June edition of Engineers Australia magazine and can be viewed online at http://engineerstop100.realviewtechnologies.com.

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