Australian universities rank high for engineering Friday, 27 July 2018

Australian universities teaching mining and mineral engineering have ranked highly in the latest ShanghaiRanking results along with other tertiary engineering subjects.

The ShanghaiRanking Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2018 has rated The University of Queensland (UQ) first in the world for mining and mineral engineering subjects, followed by University of Western Australia (UWA) at number five, University of NSW (UNSW) at seven, and Monash University 10th.

The top 10 list was shared with five universities from China and one from the US, after which Curtin University was ranked 14th followed by the University of Adelaide (UoA) at 15. The University of Newcastle was ranked 26th in the world for the subject while the University of Wollongong placed in the 51-75 group.

Australian universities also ranked well for teaching civil engineering. UNSW was ranked number 10 in the world; the UoA was 31 and University of Sydney (USyd), 38. The University of Western Sydney, Monash and the University of Wollongong all fell into the 51-75 ranking while Griffith University made it into the 76-100 list.

UWA was ranked 12th in the world for marine ocean engineering, Newcastle University was number 29 and University of Tasmania was 35 out of a total of 44.

The Australian National University was ranked 30 in telecommunications engineering followed by UNSW at 38, USyd on 46 and the University of Melbourne (UoM) and the University of Technology Sydney made it into the 76-100 list.

The UoA ranked 36 in the world for electrical and electronic engineering, with UNSW on 46, and RMIT University and the Australia National University in the 51-75 group.

For chemical engineering, Monash was 34th while UNSW and UQ were in the 51-75 ranking.

UoM was ranked at 42 for biomedical engineering and Queensland University of Technology was included in the 76-100 group.

For the subject of mechanical engineering, UNSW came in at number 45, followed by Monash in the 51-75 group and USyd in the 76-100 ranking.

In materials science engineering, Monash came in the 51-75 list along with UNSW. The full list of engineering subjects and universities can be found here.


Image source: UQ