Call for nominees to Standards Australia Committee BD-083 Earth Building Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Standards Australia is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the establishment and acceptance of standards that ensure the safety and consistency of Australian goods, products and services. Engineers Australia encourages its members to participate in the work of the standards development committees whenever possible and values each nominee’s contributions. Members participate in Standards Australia committees on a voluntary basis.

The committee BD-083 Earth Building is reactivating in order to set out the methods for the determination of:

•         Dry density/moisture content

•         Drying shrinkage

•         Unconfined compressive strength

•         Flexural tensile strength

•         Indirect tensile strength

of compacted / moulded and cored rammed earth samples.  This document also gives guidelines for securing and testing cores from hardened rammed earth structural elements.

EA therefore seeks nominations to this committee. The ideal candidate will:

  • Be a current member of EA
  • Have at least 7 years’ experience in a relevant field
  • Ideally be a member of either or both of the Civil or Structural Colleges


When considering a role as an Engineers Australia nominee on Standards Australia Committees you should note that nominees are expected to:

  • Represent the views of the practicing engineers in the field and act in accordance with the Code of Ethics and current Engineers Australia positions
  • Provide advice to Engineers Australia and its membership on the relevant standards if requested – this may be in the form of email or phone correspondence or assisting with Engineers Australia technical seminars & presentations where appropriate.
  • Be aware that you will be requested to provide regular (6 monthly) reports to Engineers Australia on the activities of the Standards Australia Committee you are the EA nominee for
  • Be aware that your name and email address will be provided to the Chair of the relevant learned society group, e.g. College Board in order for that group to keep in contact with you. 

For more information or to apply for this volunteer role please send your CV to [email protected] by Monday 27 February 2017