Engineers with power, and propulsion Thursday, 08 February 2018

BAE Systems has announced the launch of an Australian Power and Propulsion (P&P) Team comprising eminent engineering companies, and is partnering with academic institutions to develop the next generation of Australian engineers to work on P&P systems.

The next generation of engineers who will work on P&P Systems, BAE said, will be part of the SEA 5000 Program and explore the potential for technical innovation of these systems.

P&P systems are key components in modern anti-submarine warfare frigates so the P&P Team’s aim, among other tasks, is to transfer technology and intellectual property to ensure Australia becomes a regional leader in construction, maintenance and development of electrical power and propulsion systems.

The new P&P Team includes gearbox engineering firm David Brown Santasalo; L3 Technologies which deals with command and control, communications, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems; Naval Group – Australia’s Future Submarines Program design partner; MTU/Penske (engine propulsion and power generation), and aerospace company Rolls-Royce.

BAE Systems SEA 5000 managing director, Nigel Stewart said the P&P Team has significant global expertise in power and propulsion systems and has the potential to create hundreds of jobs.

“We are all committed to further develop these technologies in Australia to help create and sustain advanced manufacturing jobs,” he said. “And to help develop skills that will be attractive not just in Australia, but for the global market.”

Working with the Australian Government and the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), the team will bring their expertise to platforms like the RAN’s Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carriers, to optimise testing, training and maintenance for future naval platforms, BAE stated.

The P&P Team will work with local companies to help develop capability to support the development of P&P systems; investigate the potential for the creation of physical, onshore test and integration facilities to enable operational and maintenance training; and create pathways to developing a viable P&P systems export industry to sell into naval shipbuilding programs around the world.


Image: BAE Systems.