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The Australian Engineering Excellence Awards (AEEA) 2016 celebrate the accomplishments of some of the finest engineering companies and individuals in the world.

One of these awards, The Engineering Innovation Award, given out at the National level, recognises those who are leading the way with innovation and inspiring others to bring new ideas to life.

The winner of the 2014 Engineering Innovation Award was the Department of Electronic Engineering at La Trobe University. Along with consortium partners Newcastle and Adelaide Universities, and the Defence Science and Technology Organisation, they developed a digital high-frequency over-the-horizon radar for ionospheric, meteorspheric and remote sea state research. The radar, located at Buckland Park near Adelaide, was the first fully digital high frequency radar of its type, providing an order of magnitude improvement in capability.

This was achieved through innovative electronic engineering, coupled with new antenna design and layout. The radar clearly demonstrates Australia’s capability as a world leader in the development of advanced remote sensing instrumentation, with sales to organisations in South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Students were heavily involved in the design and construction, providing them with hands-on experience working with the technology.

Enter your project in the 2016 Australian Engineering Excellence Awards

Have you or your company worked on an outstanding engineering project? From large scale infrastructure to ground breaking research, now is your chance to shine a light on engineering excellence.

The AEEA Awards 2016 provide an opportunity to showcase your work to industry, clients, government, media, sponsors and the community. Winning an Award can assist in building a nationally recognised team to create a professional culture around capability, competency and currency.

Recipients of the state and territory AEEA Awards 2016 are eligible for entry into the AEEA National Awards 2016.

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