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Peter Nicol Russell Career Achievement Memorial Medal

The Peter Nicol Russell Memorial Medal – Career Achievement Award in Engineering is the most prestigious award conferred by Engineers Australia on an individual. It is presented annually to an Honorary Fellow of Engineers Australia who has made a notable contribution to the science and/or practice of engineering in Australia. The award perpetuates the memory of Sir Peter Nicol Russell, a Sydney industrialist during the latter half of the 19th century, who made major donations to the cause of engineering in Australia. Only Honorary Fellows of Engineers Australia are eligible to be nominated.

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2016 Peter Nicol Russell Career Achievement Memorial Medal recipient

Richard Kell AM FTSE BE(Hons) HonFIEAust:

"This EA Award was undoubtedly the culmination of my 57-year career as a professional engineer. It was naturally of much pride to me, but it was also humbling, as I reflected on the many remarkable engineers who had preceded me as recipients over the previous 92 years, and also on the huge number of outstanding people with whom I have had the privilege of working over my long career. 

The Award has had widespread circulation within Australia and beyond, with advice published by ATSE, the Warren Centre of Advanced Engineering, Sydney University, Western Sydney University, Consult Australia and the Cardno Group amongst others, and internationally by the World Federation of Consulting Engineers, FIDIC. I have received innumerable messages of congratulations from my peers (a pleasant experience), and I have re-connected with several colleagues. The engineering organisations with which I remain associated have quite reasonably benefited by association. I have proudly amended my biodata to feature the EA Peter Nicol Russell Award.   

I suggest to senior engineers that they should aspire to the PNR Award, or at least consider the Award criteria to be relevant as they plan the end of their careers. Senior Engineers are in an ideal position to broaden their activities and continue to contribute to and enjoy our great engineering profession, at the “senior” end of their careers, notwithstanding the rapid changes in engineering roles. The future of our engineering profession will be defined by technical changes, but equally as well by community aspirations, an area in which senior engineers are well versed."

Honorary Fellows

Honorary Fellows are those members of Engineers Australia or distinguished persons who have rendered conspicuous service to the Australian people or in recognition of outstanding achievement. 2016 Honorary Fellow. Honorary Fellow is Engineers Australia’s highest membership grade and can only be conferred by the Board of Engineers Australia. The Board may confer Honorary Fellow on a Fellow of Engineers Australia on the recommendation of the Honours and Awards Committee or a distinguished person whom the Board desires to honour.

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2016 Honorary Fellow
Bronwyn Evans HonFIEAust CPEng EngExec:

"For me, being selected as an Honorary Fellow is a rare privilege. Engineering is such an important, exciting and relevant profession and to also have the recognition by my peers as being a respected senior member of the profession is extremely gratifying.

As a dedicated and proud engineer, the post-nominals of HonFIEAust allow others to immediately make the connection between me as an individual engineer and the wider profession.

When you are considering nominating for the award, reflect on your contribution to society, the profession and to the economy more broadly. Be bold and showcase the best of what you are doing. Our profession needs and deserves to be able to have role models and contributors that cover as many areas of engineering as possible."