Three Aussie companies make Disrupt 100 list Wednesday, 01 June 2016

Three Australian startups have been included in the Disrupt 100, a bi-annual list celebrating the businesses with the most potential to influence, change or create new global markets.

“Entire industries are being disrupted by new, often well-funded startups that are able to quickly scale and displace long-established companies," said Disrupt CEO Matt Connolly.

"The Disrupt 100 champions those businesses who are rethinking today’s products, services, technologies and business models to open new markets and create new demand."

Humanihut, an Adelaide company which creates an innovative “pop-up” shelter system to provide emergency accommodation for refugees and during natural disasters, was one of the three companies.

Humanihut CEO Neale Sutton said he was thrilled the company had been recognised on the list.

"The Humanihut is the only all-in-one, out-of-the-box emergency shelter system of its kind in the world that provides accommodation, toilet, and showering facilities, and integrates necessary services such as fresh water, sewerage disposal, and power," said Sutton.

"It is a cost effective, innovative solution that has the potential to save international aid agencies millions of dollars. It can also be used to support communities in Australia in the event of natural disasters. By providing clean water and shelter, the Humanihut helps prevent health problems such as malaria and water-borne diseases that kill thousands of refugees every year."

The other Australian companies on the list are Sydney-based Eora3D and Brisbane-based Go1.

Eora3D produces a smartphone-controlled 3D scanner capable of cheaply digitising physical objects. The scanner projects a green laser beam which sweeps across the object and the smartphone controls the laser while photographing the object, capturing several images per second to track and map the contours of the object.

Go1 produces software that allows companies to train their staff or customers. Using pre-built modules, organisation can quickly create highly customised online training and eLearning programs, using their own material or from a library of popular courses.

The companies selected for the Disrupt 100 list were shortlisted from over a million global startups and corporate ventures.

[The Humanihut folds flat for transport but can be quickly converted into livable accommodation. Photo: Humanihut]

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